Grotesque Gallery Headliner at Stalingrad Industrial Open Air

On 22nd of August Finnish industrial metal group Grotesque Gallery will be playing as the headliner at Stalingrad Industrial Open Air festival. The city, which is nowadays more commonly known as Volgograd, has history of changing the course of second world war. This weekend it will be hosting super industrial festival with almost 20 industrial, dark electro, ebm, cyber, synth and aggrotech bands performing on the stage. 

By this concert Grotesque Gallery is expanding its coverage in Russia. Previously the group has been playing multiple times in Saint-Petersburg, Tver and in Moscow. They are also looking forward to more concerts in Russia as well as in other countries, so don’t hesitate to contact them or Inner Beauty Productions (contact details in About IBP section and of course also on Facebook and VKontakte).

The first album of Grotesque Gallery Smertheim is available on Spotify, Amazon and iTunes. Currently three music videos are available on YouTube. The group is now recording a new album Dieselgrad, so more is coming.

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Grotesque Gallery keikkailee Lahdessa 1.7.

Nyt on se aika. Grotesque Gallery aloittaa keikkailun Suomessa. Tapahtumana on Lahden Torvessa toteutettavat Verimakkarajuhlat, jota voisi superindustriaaliksikin luonnehtia. Ystävinä siellä esiintyvät myös teollisluonteinen Random Seizure sekä rokahtava Mean Import. Päivä on heinäkuun ensimmäinen ja lisätietoja julisteesta?VerimakkarajuhlatJos Venäjällä uraa uurtanut Grotesque Gallery ei ole suomalaisyleisölle kovin tuttu, voi mieltään lämmitellä Spotifyn kanssa:

On myös mahdollista tutustua Random Seizureen ja Mean Importiin klikkaamalla näitä nimiä tässä. Videota voi löytää.

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Inner Beauty Death Tour 2015 – Aftermath

Lifelong scars were left. But why, here’s a trailer of upcoming documentary:

The machine is running mostly with vodka and it’s end products. Would you like to touch that soft animal?

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Grotexplorers Seasons 2009 – 2012 Marathon

Nothing to do and feeling bored? Four and half hours extra time? Have no fear, INBProd is here to help. We put all Grotexplorers episodes from seasons 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 together into one long playlist. All episodes have English subtitles. Here you go:

Grotexplorers have done very low budget travelling through Baltic countries and Russia. Urban exploration is strongly present especially in the first seasons. Poor jokes and alcohol is also involved, more or less. In different seasons they are travelling through cities like Tallinn, Riga, Kaunas, Gdynia, Vyborg, Tula, Moscow, Pskov, and St-Petersburg. Also lots and lots of wilderness in unexplored wastelands.

We explore old factories, hotels, soviet military objects and bunkers. Also pushing limits in wild East and learning how to behave in different areas. Meeting people has also happened by accident.

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Inner Beauty Death Tour 2015

Inner Beauty Productions proudly announces:IBDT 2015Yes! Inner Beauty Death Tour 2015 is here! The core force of the tour is Russian Death Metal band Arktotus and Finnish Super Industrial Kirkidian Metal band Grotesque Gallery! But also for example Anckora and their lasers will be seen in Moscow! The first shots will be taken in Moscow on Saturday April 4th and continuing through Tver to (Saint-) Petersburg on the very next bloody weekend. So Happy and Sexy Easter!

April 4th – Moscow, Little Rock

April 10th – Tver, Music Box Club

April 11th – St. Petersburg, Baikonur Club

In case you don’t already know everything, check these out! On VKontakte you can also find lyrics and learn something new!

Grotesque Gallery – Purger King on Youtube:

Arktotus – Waters of Ain (Cover Watain) on YouTube:

Before the lights turn off: Don’t miss this or you will miss your orgasm!

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Mean Import, Grayden ja Johtaja Arsson live @ Helsinki 23.1.2015

Sisäisesti kaunis keikkavuosi alkaa Helsingin Roihuvuoren Hard Rock Housessa (Roihuvuoren tie 1) 23.01.2015, klo 21, kun Johtaja Arsson aloittaa illan, jonka rytmi kiihtyy Graydenin ja Mean Importin myötä.

Arsson nähdään illan aikana lavalla kaksi kertaa –  Mean Importin rivistöön palattuaan.

Sisään pääsee 2.5 eurolla.

Posteri HRH

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Johtaja Arsson – Escada


Tässä tarjoillaan suomen itsenäisyyspäivän kunniaksi Escada musiikkivideo, joka on kuvattu – missäs muuallakaan kuin- VENÄJÄLLÄ, Tverin kaupungissa. On sitä vähän Suomessa ja Espanjassakin kuvattu.

Ja eikös Venäläiset kielloista huolimatta julkaissut ja jakanut sitä jo eilen.

Представляем видео на песню Escada. Видео было снято в России, в основном в городе Тверь. Также в Санкт-Петербурге. И некоторые кадры так же из Финляндии и Испании !

Here is the music video for song Escada. It was filmed in Russia, Finland and Spain.


Johtaja Arssonin EP:n “Бытовуха (terveisiä keittiöstä)” kappale Escada 

Koko EP:n voit kuunnella täällä:

Ystävättömin perseisin,

Rakastettu Johtajanne

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Opening of Inner Beauty Productions in Russia

On November 8th in Tver the second festival from INBProd (Inner Beauty Productions) under the name of Inner Beauty Death Fest 2 took place. The group from Finland, GROTESQUE GALLERY was the headliner of the festival. Also the festival was devoted to opening of a label of Inner Beauty Productions in Russia. Thus metal group from any city of the country can communicate concerning issuing with the label in the city of Tver. The director of a label in Russia – the leader of Arktotus group – Nikolay Lotoyev (Cimeries). Also in April, 2015 INBProd will arrange a big round in support of a new album of Arktotus, GROTESQUE GALLERY and Iscarioth group. One of the latest news – INBProd label will organize two times a year a festival under the name of Inner Beauty Death Fest. This will take place in fall in Russia and in spring in Finland. The vision of the label is to make a world-class festival in industrial metal. Also the report of Inner Beauty Death Fest 2 will be laid out by video soon

IMG_9996 IMG_1910

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Открытие Inner Beauty Productions в России!

8 ноября в Твери состоялся второй фестиваль от INBProd под именем Inner Beauty Death Fest 2. Хедлайнером феста была группа из Финляндии GROTESQUE GALLERY. Так же фест был посвящен открытию лебла Inner Beauty Productions в России. Таким образом металл группы с любого города страны может связаться по вопросам издания с лейблом в городе Тверь. Директор лейбла в России – лидер группы Arktotus – Николай Лотоев (Cimeries). Также в апреле 2015 INBProd устраивает большой тур в поддержку нового альбома группы Arktotus, GROTESQUE GALLERY и Iscarioth. Одни из последних новостей  – решение лейбла делать два раза в  год фестиваль Под именем  Inner Beauty Death Fest. Который будет проходить осенью в России и весной в Финляндии. В планах лейбла сделать фестиваль мирового уровня в метал индустрии.


Так же скоро будет выложен видео отчет Inner Beauty Death Fest 2

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Grotesque Gallery – Красный ноября тур 2014

ggpaitulii_1 (1)
Grotesque Gallery – популярная финская супер промышленная металл группа, приедет снова шокировать российских поклонников новыми песнями и новым безумным шоу.
Два концерта – Санкт-Петербург 7.11. В клубе “ужаса” Стокер
и 8,11 в Твери в клубе Собака Милле

Вот видео приглашение и музыкальные клипы

Purger King

Note To Self


И не забудьте Johtaja Arsson (сольный проект Gustafsson из Grotesque Gallery) выступит в Твери 09.11.в пабе “Северный Полюс”

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