Grotesque Gallery

Grotesque Gallery is a Finnish industrial metal band with the ideological target to make SUPER INDUSTRIAL KIRKIDIAN METAL.

Grotesque GalleryStarting in early 2008 with a dark living room studio, exercise with animation and enough bad will, Grotesque Gallery released first songs on Youtube with animated videos. Redemptor, Hallitsemattoman Raivon Meri and Ei Helvetti were released.

Here you can listen to Grotesque Gallery on Spotify:

In 2009 Grotesque Gallery began to seek innovation from urban exploration. At first in Finland but continuing in to Baltic Countries. Meanwhile the travel documentary was published on Youtube, so were released some new songs, for example Ei Muistikuvia.

The first demo Kirkidia was released in 2010.

Grotesque Gallery music video playlist on YouTube

After the demo release the work on the first album was immediately started. The preview versions of the songs were delivered for pilot reviewing and based on the feedback given the work was continued. One song, Kitukasvo, was left out. In Grotesque Mansion, Tuusula the working proceeded by making totally new electronic drums. After the winter and spring in 2011 the drums were ready and it was time to record other instruments and vocals. A temporary recording studio was built in couple of rooms of the Grotesque Mansion and the recordings began. In July the live scenes of video Raajaton were shot at Club Kuudeslinja, Helsinki.

In autumn 2011 recordings were completed and started the era of mixing. After broken deals and promises GG crew faced the challenge of learning how to mix. Until spring 2012 it was mostly try and fail, but started to turn in to more satisfying results. In the end of 2012 some more scenes for Raajaton were shot and the mixing was completed. The album was sent to mastering and mastered versions were returned in the beginning of 2013. Raajaton video was released on Youtube in March.

The first album Smertheim was released in June 2013. Album release was made in online, Spotify, Amazon and iTunes being the distribution channels. Also the second music video for album Smertheim Note to Self was filmed and released.

Meanwhile Grotesque Gallery had made promotion and the debut concert was agreed, Red Triangle Industrial Festival vol 2 being the event. The date & location were in October 2013, in St. Petersburg, Russia. During the autumn 2013 weekly rehearsals and improvements to the track sounds were done. The trip in October included also a visit in Tula. While traveling south a surprising and future changing stop in Tver had to be done.

In 2014 Grotesque Gallery had second concert in Tver at Industrial Black Metal Fest. Interview at local radio station was also aired two days prior the event. During the spring the group also started composing and writing lyrics to the new upcoming album. Songs Kipu ei tapa and Let the Dead Bury the Dead were performed first time at event Industrial Wedding. Cerber & Brikus Edition. During concerts also video footage for the next music video Purger King was collected.

In autumn Inner Beauty Death Fest number 2 was organized in Tver and next concerts during Inner Beauty Death Tour in April 2015. The tour started in Moscow and continued to Tver and St. Petersburg. Next album was proceeding slowly, if at all. Name was decided keeping the same theme: Dieselgrad.


Summer came quickly and so did the next concerts. First concert in Finland came to agenda in middle of June and the date for concert was 1st of July. Organizers hadn’t decided the name for event, so it came as a side product of poster, Superindustrial Verimakkarajuhla (Blood Sausage Festival) by INBProd. The event took place in city of Lahti.

Next concert invitation came in late July, to an open air festival called Stalingrad Industrial Open Air 2015. The place of the two-day event was, of course, city of Volgograd aka. Stalingrad. Grotesque Gallery was introduced as headliner of the event. Because of post vacation time in Finland and tight schedules, traveling needed to be done in two different ways. While Gustafsson took the traditional train and bus combination, Turunen had to book flights. Unconfirmed rumors say, Turunen used shared travel budget to airplane tickets while Gustafsson didn’t had money for tickets anymore.

The festival resulted Grotesque Gallery visibility in Russian mainstream media. Moskovskij Komsomolets wrote first an article about the festival, and some days later another article about Grotesque Gallery including an interview.


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