Arktotus is a Russian black metal band from the city of Tver.


Album Psychosis in Bandcamp

The ARKTOTUS group was created in 2006 by Cimeries (Nikolay Lotoyev) at that time playing in Thalarion Lati group. In 2006 Cimeries planned to create ARKTOTUS as the project of one person! But at the beginning of 2007, on the ruins of Thalarion Lati group, ARKTOTUS became full-fledged group and the full band was gathered. So the team created its final Melodic Black Death Metal style! Rehearsals and material creation for an album began! So in the middle of 2007 ARKTOTUS went on the Black Metal stage both in the hometown of Tver and outside it. At the end of 2007 the team wrote down the first demo called “Kill youself”!

At the beginning of 2008 the team had material for the whole album. At the beginning of 2008 the rhythm guitarist (Nikolay Maksimov) left, the guitarist of Styx (Andrey Balashev) took his place in ARKTOTUS. In 2009 the group said goodbye to the drummer (Andrey Shibayev) and Infernal Butcher (Maxim Konstantinov) came to the place. ARKTOTUS began work in a studio writing down the first album. So with the arrival of Infernal Butcher the final structure and material created before became even more dynamic, quicker and high-class. At the end of 2009 the group released EP called “Hatred”. As ARKTOTUS started sharing the scene not only with the Russian Black Metal groups but also with foreign such as Baptism, Hellsaw, SATURNIAN MIST.

At the end of 2010 ARKTOTUS released a cover song “Nights Blood” on the Russian collection disk TRIBUTE TO DISSECTION “Maha Kali” published by Blackened Life production. At the beginning of 2013 the group released full-length album called “WORLD ON THE VERGE” by the SOUNDAGE production. At the moment the group has the material for the second album and soon ARKTOTUS will start to record it. Also the group will give concerts in support of the new album!

EARLIER PUBLISHED RELEASES: “Убей Себя” (demo) – 2007 Kill yourself “Ненависть” (EP) – 2009 hatred “Tribute to Dissection” – 2010 “Мир на Грани” (LP) – 2013 The World on the VergeCHAOTIC LIVE IN PETERBURG” (live) – 2014

Group structure

Cimeries – Lead Guitar, Vocal

D.SS – Bass

Infernal Butcher – Drums


Thoth – Rhythm guitar


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