New Release by Arktotus

New release from the powerful black metallers of Tver region, one of the fastest black metal bands in Russia and who have already made a name in Europe – Arktotus!


Arktotus is releasing the second LP – ‘Psychosis’. Unlike the debut album, new stuff is notable for fantastic speed and power. The band left raw underground sound and used for the first time “gravity blast” style in black metal. Their songs are built on combination of extremely heavy sound and hysterical vocals. You will feel the power of dark thundery atmosphere while listening to the new release from Arktotus! Plus two bonus tracks!

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Inner Beauty Death Tour 2015 – Aftermath

It happened almost year ago… and left life long scars. The documentary film narrates the story how Grotesque Gallery went to Russia to have three concerts with Arktotus. This film focuses on events that happened on backstages and behind the scenes.

In the end the snake came from bottle and made a nest inside head.

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Arktotus album Psychosis

Arktotus releases a new album: Psychosis! The group changed completely their style on the new album. You will experience all the force, power and atmosphere by listening to the latest album of Arktotus! Ave Satan!!!

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Grotesque Gallery Christmas Concert in SPB

Grotesque Gallery had Christmas concert in Saint-Petersburg on December 11th. It was somewhat following:

Thanks to Роман Триллеров for documentation!

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Vancouver releases new album

The band Vancouver from Tver releases a new melodic metal album!

The release of album is planned for December. The album bears the name “It is MORE THAN LIFE”. Music of Vancouver includes elements of classical heavy threw and Swedish death metal with presence of an extreme vocal.

The group was founded in 2006. In view of versatile background of the group members, their sound is mixture of old-school Heavy’n’power changes in modern melodious metal way. New material is born, old compositions also significantly changed. At the moment the group started the creation of the second album, and big preparation of concerts of the latest release.

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Arktotus album Chaotic Live in Petersburg released!

Arktotus continues the roll out in European music scene! This time with the album Chaotic Live in Petersburg!

Here you can listen to Chaotic: SpotifyDeezer, iTunes

Arktotus Chaotic Live in Petersburg cover

Also possible to find on Google Play and Tidal. Don’t forget to check out World on the Verge if you already didn’t!

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Johtaja Arssonin ‘Seiskapeli’ -EP löytyy nyt seuraavista levykaupoista!

‘Seiskapeli’ -EP löytyy nyt Kampin Keltainen Jäänsärkijästä ja Hakaniemen BLACK and WHITEsta. Levyä voi myös tilata lähemmäs itseään Levykauppa Äxästä.

Digitaalisille ihmisille on toki Spotify:

Ja digitaalinen ostomahdollisuus iTunesista ja Deezeristä bonus biisien kera.

Katso musiikkivideo ja tee tilaus:

On olemassa myös Google Play ja hifistelijöille Tidal.


Levykauppa Äx
Keltainen Jäänsärkijä

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Johtaja Arssonin ‘Seiskapeli’-EP ilmestyy 7.10.2015

Johtaja Arssonin neljä kappaletta sisältävä ‘Seiskapeli’ -niminen EP ilmestyy 7.10.2015 ja samana iltana Helsingissä, Sture21 kuppilassa, Sturenkatu 21, Klup! -klubilla keikka josta kyseistä levyn voi itselleen hakea. Levy tulee löytymään myös Spotifysta ja nettikaupoista. 

Levyn biisijärjestys on seuraava:

  1. Painajaisesta Herää!
  2. Valokuvia Revittäväksi
  3. Taisteluni
  4. Huvipuistossa

Kaikki EP:n kappaleet myös kuullaan keikalla.

Päätösraita on julkaistu jo musiikkivideona joka on tribuutti vuoden 1976 lyhytelokuvalle Robinson Crusoe jr. 

Johtaja Arsson – Huvipuistossa (musiikkivideo)

Klup! – Facebook event

New EP, ‘Seiskapeli’, with 4 new songs from Johtaja Arsson will be published on 7.10.2015. At the same night Johtaja Arsson will play a show in Helsinki, Sture21, Sturenkatu 21. You can purchase your copy of the disc from there, but the EP will be available world wide in Spotify and internet stores.


  1. Painajaisesta Herää!
  2. Valokuvia Revittäväksi
  3. Taisteluni
  4. Huvipuistossa

You can already watch the music video for the song Huvipuistossa

Here is the Facebook event for the concert. 

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Arktotus album World on the Verge released!

Inner Beauty Productions releases Arktotus album World on the Verge!World on the Verge

World on the Verge has been available in Russian markets as CD since 2013. Now Arktotus is heading to European stages, and their is reaching European metal heads. So, choose your favourite player and listen to the World on the Verge:

iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal

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Grotesque Gallery in Russian Media

Stalingrad Industrial Open Air was successfully finished. After that Grotesque Gallery appeared in two articles in big Russian daily newspaper Moskovskij Komsomolets. First article was about Stalingrad Industrial Open Air. The headliner of festival, Grotesque Gallery, was referred as “Finnish Rammstein”.

The second article was published on Sunday. This article about Grotesque Gallery itself included interview with Kristian Gustafsson and Vesa Turunen from Grotesque Gallery, interviewed by Natalia Malakhova.

ggpaitulii_1 (1)

Moskovskij Komsomolets is Russian daily newspaper founded in 1919. It has circulation almost one million printed copies.

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